LandstarOnline is a virtual platform that provides customers with various services on its official platform. The essential services it provides are the movement of the vehicle it monitors. The loaded goods remain only the ones. LandstarOnline belongs to a US-based company, namely Landstar System, and it is based in Jacksonville, Florida, which was initially inaugurated in 1968. 

Know More About LandstarOnline 


  • LandstarOnline portal is owned by The Landster company, located in the United States of America. 
  • With an experience for more than 50 years in the task of loading and unloading LandstarOnline still continues to provide its services first-class services. 
  • Due to this, the company has sustained and also been able to maintain a fairly good reputation worldwide.
  • While shifting from one place to the other, it becomes messed up. And, here, you require help from the load diagram company surely. 
  • And being an employee of the same company, the information will be quite useful for you. 
  • To solve any of your problems, you can easily log in on the official website of LandstarOnline.
  • Landstar System is a global provider which manages integrated transportation management solutions with the help of every asset.  
  • Moreover, LandstarOnline also has a mobile application that gives access to the operator owned to perform various functions such as verifying, recording, and booking the freight. 
  • The portal, as well as the mobile application, is designed for the users, so it has features that make it more accessible.

How To get access to LandstarOnline

  • To get access to LandstarOnline, you have to register yourself on the official Portal. You’ll have to create a New Employee Account if you don’t have one. 
  • You can follow the steps given below in a sequence to login onto LandstarOnline’s official portal:
  • Begin with visiting the official website of LandstarOnline, i.e.,, and the login page will appear.
  • You can spot the icon with creating an account option under the login icon. Tap on it.
  • Clicking on the login icon will redirect you to an account creation page. Note that this page is a self-registration page.
  • Enter the required information, like your username, first name, and last name. Also, please provide your email address in the given section.
  • Next, confirm your email id and recheck it.
  • Moreover, you will also have to answer a security question. Keep a note to provide a correct answer.
  • Once you have completed all the above steps, tap on Submit.
  • Now, after you click the send symbol, you will receive a temporary password on the registered email ID. 
  • This password would further help you while you try to log in to the LandstarOnline website. 

Benefits of Using LandstarOnline

With the official website of LandstarOnline, you can access various advantages. Some of the benefits are also stated below:

1-User-friendly and secure platform

The online platform of LandstarOnline is very easy to access, and also it is very easy and made for the users specifically. Your data on the portal remains completely secure, and your data is never given to any third party.

2-Get updates through the portal

On LandstarOnline’s portal, the employees can keep themselves updated with all kinds of events planned for the future. Therefore, you will keep receiving all the updates through the portal.

3-Verify your attendance

One of the best features of LandstarOnline is that all its employees of LandstarOnline can check their attendance virtually without any hassle.

4-Great help for employees

The LandstarOnline portal is quite a helping hand for the employees as they can easily look at their timesheets. And the employees can directly get in touch with the employers with its help by using the LandstarOnline login portal.


What should be taken care of before logging onto the LandstarOnline website?

You should always remember a few things before logging onto LandstarOnline’s official website. The essentials requirements needed for the portal are stated below:

  • The most important thing required is your data, including your name, phone number, address, etc. Make sure that all the data you enter is correct and valid.
  • Secondly, you will require a proper laptop with a stable and good internet connection to help you conveniently navigate the LandstarOnline website’s home page.
  • Lastly, you will require an utterly valid ID card. And in case you don’t have an ID, you can contact Human Resources any time.

How can I complete the SignUp Process to finish my Login on LandstarOnline?

To get completed logging in without any distribution on LandstarOnline, you can go through the following details. You can consider a few points below before using the LandstarOnline page.

  • You must try to complete the Login process with the help of your user or employee ID. The user ID and the employee ID help to recognize the employee and also help to know about the company an employee is associated with.
  • Do remember your password very well. You will need a password to complete the Login activity, which must be correct and should be kept safe.
  • Do remember if you have forgotten your username or password. Then, unfortunately, you will be unable to get access to your account.

Can I book a load with the help of LandstarOnline’s mobile application?

You can book a Load on the website and its mobile application. While accessing the mobile application, you can easily spot the truck and reserve a load. Then, you can follow the steps given below to book a load with LandstarOnline:

  • You can download the app and then log in to your account with the login details you have set up already.
  • Now, in the next step, you will have to specify the loading parameters and also search for the parameters.
  • as soon as you finish the correct one, you can click and call the local agent and increase your load. 

Henceforth, the reservation you have made is completely ready.

Can we check data without logging in?

Yes, absolutely; the employees can check the data easily without completing the login process. In addition, the existing customers can access certain activities such as B. check available uploads, add status updates, etc. With Landstar Carrier’s customer services, you can perform these activities without registering. All you need to do is visit the official website, and tap on the first link on the page.

The LandstarOnline applications or services are available here, which can further help you to find teg location of your loads, manage load alerts, post your trucks, upload the load status, demos, messages, announcements, and more. But the only requirement here is that you must be registered with LandstarOnline on a prior basis.

How can we access the mobile application of LandstarOnline?

You can easily download the online application for LandstarOnline. It is made for the customers’ easy use, so the features seem quite accessible. Out of various technologies developed by the company, this app is also customized to aid the company’s small business arena. To smoothly run your business becomes complex, but with the help of this portal, the customers get the freedom to pursue their work as they want.


LandstarOnline is the portal of Landstar System, a transport services organization specializing in logistics and mainly in third-party logistics. Landstar System was established in 1968 and was primarily based in Jacksonville, Florida, United States. 

The services provided by LandstarOnline are mainly in the United States of America and, to some extent, in Canada and between the United States, Canada, Mexico, and various other nations worldwide. Not only can you take the benefits of LandstarOnline through its official website, but it has also launched a free mobile application for your Android. It will be included in the Office Suites and tools applications part Business.

The virtual platform of Landstar System, i.e., LandstarOnline, is a very convenient and user-friendly portal. With the kinds of services it provides, it becomes very useful for employees and employers. It further extends its help to reduce the cost of creating and delivering paychecks, etc. Along with all these facilities, this platform also provides great aid by lowering employee inquiries about payroll, career paths, payroll,  and many more.